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Broad expertise in web & editorial project management, digital innovation, e-commerce, translation and multimedia content strategy. I have coordinated large scope complex projects with international teams, and together, we have excelled at creating consistently high quality content and building lasting partnerships with key strategic allies. Strongly creative, I have an unstoppable initiative and the curiosity of an entrepreneur. I am a polivalent professional who works with rigour and has strong communication and negotiation skills. I am perseverant, committed, self-motivated, empathetic and exhibit a deeply cooperative spirit. Meet me!

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Linguistic Consultancy

Publishing consultancy (non-fiction, tradebooks, print/ebooks)

Translation & localization

Proofreading & editing
Style guide & multilingual dictionary development
Terminology & lexicography databases

Agile Project Management

Project definition, planning, execution, monitoring
Quality & cost control
Scope, time, risk, human resource management
Stakeholder management (sponsors, media, strategic allies)

Marketing, Sales & Communication Strategy

Ecommerce, WordPress (CMS) & social media management

Copywriting & content writing

Communicate effectively and build strong relationships with strategic allies, the media and potential sponsors.

Graphic design: newsletters, posts, websites, book covers

Coaching and Workshop Facilitator

• Workshop facilitator
• Speaker & event coordinator
• Team building facilitator
• Executive & life coach

Employment Record


technical, specialised & sworn translator



Project Manager, proofreader, QC & editor



Marketing, ecommerce, Social media, Press Officer & communication

Marketing & Communication


Layout, cover design, social media posts design, infographics, web design


Education & Qualifications

European Baccalaureate

European School of Luxembourg

Bachelor's degree in Translation

Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

Master's degree in Journalism

Universidad CEU-San Pablo

Postgraduate degree in Coaching

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos & D'arte Coaching

Postgraduate degree in Terminology

Universidad Pompéu Fabra

Other Courses

Proofreading | Style editing | InDesign | Project Management | Trados Studio

Language Skills







Computer skills

MS Office

Excel, Word, Power Point, Access


Terminology database management

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Photoshop & InDesign


WordPress & Woocommerce




Personal skills

 I can’t stop bringing new ideas (I love brainstorming and executing thrilling and challenging tasks); I also like to innovate, design, plan, create synergies and reconceive traditional working processes to improve efficiency.

Yes, this is what represents me the most. For instance, 85% of the editorial projects I managed in-company were own-initiative projects; as well as developing from scratch complex dictionary websites or building lasting relationships with the media and sponsors (yes, I have a flair for business and I love getting involved in this type of activities).

Need to rethink your project? I will bring that original, out-of-the-box allure that will bring you an added value!

Perseverant, self-taught and self-motivated, I proactively look for any opportunity to create, recycle or improve your products & services.

I’m in constant search of new business opportunities both within and outside the company I work for!

I enjoy cooperating with  colleagues, work in teams, proactively participate in brainstormings, understanding my peers or clients needs and sharing any helpful new ideas with them.

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Tengo la enorme suerte de que mi camino se cruzara con el de Constanza cuando buscaba una editorial para mi libro. No sólo lo editó con un mimo y una profesionalidad absolutas, sino que me acompañó en todo el trayecto tan desconocido para mí del mundo editorial. Constanza pone pasión y creatividad en lo todo que hace, transmite confianza, es justa y sensata en sus valoraciones, detallista en su edición y muy conocedora de su trabajo. Es perfeccionista en su labor, pero muy respetuosa con el autor; sus sugerencias siempre aportaron mucho a la obra final. Sin duda, una editora excelente que se implica a fondo en cada proyecto.
No puedo más que decir cosas positivas de mi experiencia de trabajo con Constanza. Fui co-autor de uno de los diccionarios que ha editado y no sólo destacaría su eficacia y organización, sino también su calidad humana. Gestionar un diccionario especializado en el que participamos varios autores debe ser complicado, sin embargo, el trabajo de Constanza lo hacía parecer fácil. Sin lugar a dudas, la recomiendo ampliamente para realizar cualquier trabajo de su campo. El equipo que la incorpore no sólo se llevará una buena profesional, sino también una excelente persona.

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